Fkaa stock岛 & 马拉松海水反渗透设施



佛罗里达群岛渡槽管理局(FKAA)拥有, maintains and operates two seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) facilities to produce potable water in the event of emergency or disruption to the transmission pipeline that coveys the primary ground water source serving the Keys island chain from Florida City on the mainland. A 2 million gallon per day (MGD) SWRO facility is located on Stock Island near Key West and a 1 MGD facility is located on the island of Marathon in the middle keys. The facilities originally date back to the mid 1960’s with a major retrofit performed in the early 1980’s. In the late 1990’s the plants were in severe disrepair from the demanding environment and corrosive materials of construction.


Harn R/O系统公司. became involved in 1997 and has performed staged rehabilitation work on these facilities that has allowed them to continue reliable operation with an economical approach. 最初的工作包括设计, fabrication and installation of new fiberglass RO permeator support frames to replace the rusted-out steel frames that supported the existing DuPont Hollow Fiber Permeators, replacing the carbon steel lap joint backup flanges and permeator connections on the high pressure feed manifolds and concentrate manifolds.


Seawater Reverse Osmosis RO System in a Water Treatment Plant

The second phase was the replacement of the original Dupont Permeators with Toyobo Permeators that were specially designed by Toyobo with 低质粗支亚麻纱’s assistance to match the Dupont dimensions. The third phase was the replacement of all of the high pressure 316 SS piping manifolds and valves with AL6XN super stainless steel manifolds and SMO254 valves for the Stock Island trains. The piping design by 低质粗支亚麻纱 used the same dimensions for all four RO trains even though each RO train’s existing piping was of varying dimensions. 第四个阶段是发展和发展stalling Teflon lined braided PVDF plastic high-pressure feed and concentrate hoses to replace the 304 braided Teflon hoses. The fifth phase was the replacement of high-pressure valves and modification of the existing 316 SS piping manifolds with electropolishing for the Marathon trains. The last phase to date was designing fabricating and installing sample panels for each RO train that allows the monitoring of all of the individual process streams at one location. As funds become available additional improvements will be made to enhance the operation and maintenance of the systems.



低质粗支亚麻纱’s extensive membrane treatment knowledge and experience with retrofitting existing systems allowed the facilities to be incrementally upgraded in a cohesive and phased approach as the funding became available. 每个阶段都利用了之前的改进 performed in an economical way using high-quality, low-corrosion materials and compo欧宁ts that decreased the operational and maintenance costs of the facility and extended the useful life.


Stock Island RO Train with AL6XN piping, SMO254 valves and braided

Reverse Osmosis Desalination Water Treatment Sample Panel
Innovative hinged wall-mount sample panel design at Stock Island to minimize footprint in existing space while allowing access for maintenance.



Bermuda Desalination Water Treatment Plant Seawater RO


An 80岁 位于德文郡的私人水务公司, Bermuda set out to upgrade its equipment and infrastructure. Due to the high cost associated with the power required to operate the existing treatment

Containerized Seawater RO for Industrial Process in Freeport


位于自由港的全球制造商, Grand Bahama was facing a shortage of water required for their manufacturing process and other facility needs. The facility draws water from a single land-based seawater well

Desalination Seawater Reverse Osmosis RO Plant  in Key Colony Beach Florida


In 2013 the City of Key Colony Beach sought to replace their existing reverse osmosis treatment plant and equipment which had reached the end of its useful life. The application presented a series of unique challenges most notable 





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