Hilton Head, SC

Hilton Head, SC

The South Island Public Service District (SIPSD) in Hilton Head, SC, chose an innovative procurement process to carefully assemble a…

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Mt. Pleasant, SC

Mt. Pleasant, SC

Mount Pleasant Waterworks in South Carolina, a private utility, was planning a plant expansion to better serve its customers when…

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Lancaster, OH

Lancaster, OH

The City of Lancaster, Ohio realized it had to replace its aging ion exchange water treatment facility with a new…

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Harn R/O Systems has a vast knowledge and design expertise for desalination seawater reverse osmosis treatment systems. You can learn more about our capabilities and experiences in the link below.



Palm Coast, FL

Palm Coast, FL

The City of Palm Coast, FL, had built a water treatment facility for the future. Unfortunately, faster-than-expected growth, not unusual…

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Sarasota, FL

Sarasota, FL

The City of Sarasota, FL needed to retrofit its sole water plant from the existing hollow fiber membrane reverse osmosis…

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 West Jefferson Water Treatment Plant: West Jefferson, Ohio

Capacity: 668,160 GPD  |  Installation Year: 2018

West Jefferson Ohio Water Treatment Plant

Washington WTP: Washington, Iowa

Capacity: 1,762,560 GPD  |  Installation Year: 2018

Washington, Iowa Water Treatment Plant

North Liberty Water Treatment Plant: North Liberty,  Iowa

Capacity: 3,024,000 GPD  |  Installation Year: 2018

North Liberty, IA Water Treatment Plant

City of Yankton WTP Improvements: Yankton, South Dakota

Capacity: 6,599,520 GPD  |  Installation Year: 2018


Green Meadows Water Treatment Plant: Lee County, Florida

Capacity: 7,500,000 GPD  |  Installation Year: 2018


Gasparilla Island Water Association: Boca Grande,  Florida

Capacity: 950,400 GPD  |  Installation Year: 2017

West Liberty Water Treatment Plant: West Liberty, Iowa

Capacity: 648,000 GPD |  Installation Year: 2017

West Liberty, IA Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plant

City of Pella: Pella, Iowa

Capacity: 2,160,000 GPD |  Installation Year: 2017

Pella Iowa Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plant

Skyco Water Treatment Plant: Dare County, North Carolina

Capacity: 3,011,000 GPD |  Installation Year: 2017

Skyco Dare County Water Treatment Plant

Signal Hill Design/Build: Signal Hill California

Capacity: 1,693,440 GPD |  Installation Year: 2017

Signal Hill, California Water Treatment Plant

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