freeport, grand bahama island

Containerized Seawater RO for Industrial Process in Freeport, Grand Bahama Island



A global manufacturer located in Freeport, Grand Bahama was facing a shortage of water required for their manufacturing process and other facility needs. The facility draws water from a single land-based seawater well on the property and is treated by media filters and a two-pass RO system. The local government also provides water but quantity, quality and availability is variable and unreliable forcing the manufacturer to be self-sufficient to avoid disrupting their operations. 现有的1st pass seawater trains were severely deteriorated from the demanding environment and corrosive materials of construction. A short delivery option was needed to immediately supplement their existing seawater trains to increase capacity and reliability.



低质粗支亚麻纱R / O was contacted through the manufacturer’s water services provider. 低质粗支亚麻纱R / O had a mobile containerized seawater RO system available for lease that was designed and built by 低质粗支亚麻纱R / O that would meet the manufacturer’s needs. The container was ready for shipment to Grand Bahama within 4 weeks and was started up within 8 weeks of agreement of lease terms.


Containerized Seawater Desalination Reverse Osmosis Pilot System
Containerized Seawater RO System Installed in Bahamas

Containerized seawater RO system designed and built by 低质粗支亚麻纱R / O prior to 
shipment to Grand Bahama 

         Container installed at location in Grand Bahama during startup.


Containerize Seawater Reverse Osmosis Pilot SCADA system


The containerized seawater RO system designed and built by 低质粗支亚麻纱R / O has been running continuously since 2014年9月 with a high degree of reliability and efficiency because of the sound design and high-quality materials and components. The unit is expected to operate indefinitely until the existing equipment can be replaced or refurbished.


  Screenshot of containerized seawater RO operator interface during startup.

Brief R/O System Specification

老板:  低质粗支亚麻纱R / O
应用程序:  Treating seawater to support industrial manufacturing process
启动:  2014年9月 
容量:  86,400 gallons per day of permeate water at 45% recovery
数组:  Single stage, 3 pressure vessels containing 7 elements per vessel
预处理:  Scale inhibitor, cartridge filter
低压管路:  原理图. 80年聚氯乙烯
High Pressure Piping:  AL6XN Stainless Steel
膜类型:  Filmtec SW30HRLE-400i
框架材料:  Fiberglass reinforced polymer (pultruded)

饲料导电率:  50000μS /厘米
进料温度:  78.8 °C
给水压力:  805 psig
SDI:  5.4
渗透流: 60 gpm (45% recovery)
Permeate Conductivity:  450 μS/cm.1%被拒绝)
能源消耗:  6.92千瓦时/法理上
  • 53’ High cube container
  • low-pressure feed/permeate flush boost pump (VFD)
  • (2) media filter vessels
  • cartridge filter, scale inhibitor system
  • isobaric energy recovery device (ERI PX)
  • (2) axial piston feed pumps (Danfoss, VFD)
  • CIP/permeate flush system
  • 基于plc控制
  • Wonderware Intouch operator interface (PC)



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